Once upon a time there was a girl who didn’t like herself very much DSC01166.JPGjust because people teased her over and over again.  She stayed up late at night crying out to the Father to change her over the night and praying for the next morning to come where she would be the perfect size so there would be no more crying then.  But over and over again the next morning came and she was still the same, more tears were shed. Little did she know that the Lord was using her story to give to others as a testimony and that thing would turn around for her soon, only if she just kept holding on.


Through the years she kept trying to find the magical way for her to lose the weight, wishing for plastic surgery, a magic pill, or any workout that could give the results as quickly as possible.  She tried and failed each time, and after a few years of trying she stopped altogether trying to lose the weight in her own might.  She never gave up her prayer to the Father to lose weight but she never did anything to get the process started.  Then one strange day came and there was this simple but powerful suggestion, “You should walk to Chicken Express today.” What a great idea the girl thought as she pondered on the fact she was hungry and that she wouldn’t mind the walking even if it was in the cold rain.  Then more suggestions came “You know you shouldn’t be eating that, you should go to the gym, you should jog, you should fast, you should…” The more the suggestions came to her the more she realized that wasn’t her any more but the Father who heard her cry to change and be different, to have peace and joy within herself and to no longer shed a single tear because she hated the way she looked.

Long story short, that girl was me of course.  No longer do I shed a tear wishing to be different, but if a tear is shed it is because of the joy I feel inside.  I am finally happy with the way I am, though there are a few things that I am still working on, I know that I have made it.  When I finally stopped relying on my own strength to change me that’s when Jesus stepped in and when He could make the decisions and the actual heavy lifting.  When I finally said “Here you go Lord I’m giving it all to You, I’m trying to do this my way but I’m getting no where fast, now please have Your way so I can finally have some results” is when the true journey began.

Welcome to the journey to a better you!!