Motivation… honestly sometimes it’s easy to find motivation to begin a weight loss and exercise regime <chuckle> but it’s not always easy and fun to stay motivated after you’ve started and you’re in the middle of it. We start out strong remembering who laughed at us and how they’ll regret it when they see us in our dream dress looking good 🙂 Or we think about how much better we’ll feel about ourselves when we can finally fit into a certain size, look in the mirror and not be ashamed, or go to the doctor and not hear the same “you need to lose weight” lecture. Whatever our “whys” for losing weight we start out strong with good intentions. We go to the gym 3 or more times a week, give up sugar and  eating out, and make other diet changes. It seems we tend to lose steam in the middle of our efforts and we lose sight of our motivation and “why’s”.

What kept me motivated was remembering on purpose why I wanted to lose weight, what was I aiming for, what did I want to achieve. This is why I mentioned Habakkuk 2:2, write down your goals and why’s so you won’t forget and you can always look back on them for motivation.

I remember when I wanted to lose weight in college and I couldn’t seem to get started I use to come across different stories online about people losing weight and I would see them at their end. I wished I could be with them, at the end of the journey not just starting, or actually haven’t started at all. These testimonies weren’t out there to discourage me or the rest of us but to motivate us, that if they could lose the weight any one could. Look at someone else for motivation, don’t look at someone else’s success as a discouragement but see it as something that’s real and possible for you too.  Use those stories that speak on giving up things for gain like fries for the salad, chips for fruit, the first parking spot for the mid or last spot. These trade offs don’t sound appealing but when you think about what you gain; confidence, a smaller dress size, or a better outlook on life, the trade-offs don’t seem so bad.