Going past the candy bowl at work is a struggle, especially when I get a chocolate craving and  know I have no business eating a lot of candy. Temptation is all around with co-worker’s birthday, weddings, promotions, and any other reason that cake, candy and cookies are brought in. I see this candy bowl each day and no matter how much candy is consumed throughout the day it seems to never run out. It’s as if some one refills it every time we run low 😮

I don’t exactly vanquish the candy bowl every time by telling it “you’re not going to get me this time” some times I actually give in and have a piece of candy! We don’t stick to our healthy eating habits all the time, but I’ve seen and learned that if you’re going to give in just don’t go overboard, one piece is enough. Remember the sacrific of not eating candy all the time will pay off in the end and you will see results.

Enjoy your day 🙂