Consistency is key as they say. I do believe that consistency is important for your goals. We expect that we can do one good thing one time and have lifetime results. How wrong we are. You can’t brush your teeth only one time and expect to have minty breath the rest of your life. Losing weight or living a healthy lifestyle is also the same. We can’t eat one healthy meal or avoid bad food one time on one day then expect to have results six months later.

I know it’s hard to give up the bad habits for good ones, especially when your body craves french fries when you should have salad. We have to make the sacrifice at sometime. A helpful tip I can give you is to start off slow but be consistent with it. If you want to start walking how about parking farther in the parking lot, but make sure it’s a safe distance of course. Or you can even start by having less soda each day. Once you start giving your healthy good habits a chance it will allow room for additional good habits.

Keep it up, it helps you more than you realize right now that your consistency will lead to results you can see in the future.