A few weeks ago while I was at work a few of my co-workers were standing around and conversing about losing weight and dieting. I wasn’t fully involved in their conversation at the time but I didn’t keep myself from listening. Two of my co-workers stated that it was impossible to lose weight. I of course was eager to join their conversation at that point because of my history and the whole theme of my blog (which they know nothing about by the way). I said “it’s not impossible” and they responded back at the same time “yes it is”.

I couldn’t  wait to show them a picture of myself from 8 years ago.


This is me now 🙂


I’ve come a mighty long way, as people would say. I’ve lost weight twice; went from 310lbs. to 190lbs, gained some of that back and I’m on my way down again. Currently I’ve lost 20lbs over the past few months.

Is something impossible just because it’s hard and not easy, or because it happened to someone else but not us? If this were the case then many things would be considered “impossible” for everyone. For example we like to imagine winning the lottery some day; we daydream about the things we would do with the money like quit our jobs, buy our parents and ourselves new houses and cars, and give to others. Even when the odds are stacked against us and our chances are very slim it doesn’t stop us from dreaming or even from buying the ticket. If it were truly impossible to win the lottery then no one would win, we wouldn’t buy tickets, and we wouldn’t consider what we would do if we won. Yet we still do it any way.

One thing I wanted to mention to them that I didn’t get a chance to was to believe and be consistent. Be consistent with what you’re doing; if you’re going to work out then do it consistently throughout the week. You can’t skip days and weeks and expect to see results, honestly it won’t work that way.

I have learned throughout this entire experience to be consistent with what I do; it means if I say I will workout three days a week then that’s what I will stick with every time. I have been reminded by the Lord many times that my consistency was helping me more than I realized.

If losing weight has been tough for you or it seems impossible then let my story and other stories as well be a reminder or a testimony to you that nothing is impossible. It took a while to lose the weight and I did gain some back but it happened. God has proven through me that nothing is impossible with Him (Luke 1:37). I laugh now thinking of my co-workers’ words “losing weight is impossible” because I did the very thing they said was impossible.

Have a great day!! 🙂