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August 2016

Remember: Your Past is Not Your Future


“Your past does not determine your future. Your present is not your destiny but it’s apart of your journey.”


I can’t take credit for this one, Jesus told me this when I was heading to bed. I know it helps me and I know it will help others too!

2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT “This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”


Don’t Leave This At Home

What’s the worst thing to forget for workout?

I believe one of the worst things to forget is headphones and I found that out the hard way. I’ve forgotten my workout shoes, socks, water, workout shirt, and a towel but I got around those obstacles; when I forgot my shirt I used a jacket as a shirt. It was hot but it was better than using my button up work shirt or going all the way home. Out of all of the things I’ve let at home the worst was the headphones; I couldn’t listen to anything and I thought I could power through it but I was wrong.  I don’t know where my energy went but I really needed it for the treadmill and elliptical; I was tempted when I first walked in the door to wait until the next day to work out but no I was determined. It was horrible and I can say don’t forget the headphones! If I forget my iPod I have my phone to listen to and even if I forget my phone I can listen to the TV’s using the headphone plugs on the machines.

Let us know; what’s the worst thing for you to leave at home when you’re working out?

The Battle: Eating Healthy

Honestly eating healthy was the hardest thing about this entire journey. I look back at my eating habits now and I cringe but they didn’t seem so bad, or they didn’t taste so bad at the time. Yes I still have my up and down moments with food, mainly portion control, but thank God I’ve made progress.

Let’s not beat ourselves up, I do like to have a piece of candy sometimes, and may be even some ice cream however there has to be limits and boundaries.

One or two pieces of candy: yes

Twelve pieces of chocolate candy: No!

A tip I can offer you is from my post Quick Tip: Prevent Overeating, if it’s very hard to break the unhealthy food habit one of the best ways to lessen your addiction is to use portion control. If you’re going to snack don’t eat from the bag or box, but use napkins, plates, and small plastic bags.

Fasting is a very, and I can’t say it enough, helpful way to break a bad habit. It sounds hard, and it is depending on how addicted you are to the food, but it will break your addiction and help you get on the right track. Just don’t cheat during your fast 🙂

Learn to take control, we cannot allow ourselves to go overboard no matter what our taste buds or stomachs tell us.

If you have any tips you want to share or anything else you’re welcome to do so!! 🙂

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