It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but of course life goes on :). Time is flying by and it’s almost February of 2017 and my mind is like :0

Even though I haven’t posted I’ve been thinking of things to address every now and then; things I see in this world and how the world has a lot of people fooled. The promises that being a skinny woman or buff man will make your life better, people will love you more, or that you can have what ever you want are a few things I can think of now. It’s all a big lie.

I can testify personally that losing weight and being smaller can boost your confidence but I can’t promise that you’ll get the girl or the guy you’ve been wanting or have the life that the fairy tales promised you.

What I can say is that for me personally I have enjoyed comparing pictures of the past me and the me today. However, the one they don’t talk about when you lose weight is keeping it off :[ Who thought this would all be over after losing the weight? I did!! lol subconsciously honestly.

Keeping the weight off is another subject in itself, prayfully we’ve all learned what things to avoid and what good habits to adopt.

I hope to be consistent in these posts and working out, and encourage someone to take a step that they thought they couldn’t! <—  a lot of “T’s” 🙂

Denver, CO