Hi! 🙂 My name is Kristin and welcome to the journey to a better you!

In case you have not seen my page “My Long Story Short” I had been overweight for the majority of my life up until 2011. I always wanted to lose weight and feel good about myself. I tried so many things to lose weight and honestly I would not have minded weight loss surgery if I had the chance. But God 🙂

God answered my prayers and helped me change my life; I finally was able to lose weight and stay committed to exercising starting in 2010. I want to let everyone know that all things are possible with God and this is an area in life that is not off limits for Him.

I hope you enjoy everything you read and find encouragement and inspiration to continue your journey. I believe these tips will help you reach your goals in weight management and in life as well. I thank the Lord Jesus for teaching me these things and walking with me and helping me through this journey. I know He will continue to help me and will help you as well if you let Him.

God bless and enjoy 🙂