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It’s Been a While

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but of course life goes on :). Time is flying by and it’s almost February of 2017 and my mind is like :0

Even though I haven’t posted I’ve been thinking of things to address every now and then; things I see in this world and how the world has a lot of people fooled. The promises that being a skinny woman or buff man will make your life better, people will love you more, or that you can have what ever you want are a few things I can think of now. It’s all a big lie.

I can testify personally that losing weight and being smaller can boost your confidence but I can’t promise that you’ll get the girl or the guy you’ve been wanting or have the life that the fairy tales promised you.

What I can say is that for me personally I have enjoyed comparing pictures of the past me and the me today. However, the one they don’t talk about when you lose weight is keeping it off :[ Who thought this would all be over after losing the weight? I did!! lol subconsciously honestly.

Keeping the weight off is another subject in itself, prayfully we’ve all learned what things to avoid and what good habits to adopt.

I hope to be consistent in these posts and working out, and encourage someone to take a step that they thought they couldn’t! <—  a lot of “T’s” 🙂

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Don’t Leave This At Home

What’s the worst thing to forget for workout?

I believe one of the worst things to forget is headphones and I found that out the hard way. I’ve forgotten my workout shoes, socks, water, workout shirt, and a towel but I got around those obstacles; when I forgot my shirt I used a jacket as a shirt. It was hot but it was better than using my button up work shirt or going all the way home. Out of all of the things I’ve let at home the worst was the headphones; I couldn’t listen to anything and I thought I could power through it but I was wrong.  I don’t know where my energy went but I really needed it for the treadmill and elliptical; I was tempted when I first walked in the door to wait until the next day to work out but no I was determined. It was horrible and I can say don’t forget the headphones! If I forget my iPod I have my phone to listen to and even if I forget my phone I can listen to the TV’s using the headphone plugs on the machines.

Let us know; what’s the worst thing for you to leave at home when you’re working out?

The Battle: Eating Healthy

Honestly eating healthy was the hardest thing about this entire journey. I look back at my eating habits now and I cringe but they didn’t seem so bad, or they didn’t taste so bad at the time. Yes I still have my up and down moments with food, mainly portion control, but thank God I’ve made progress.

Let’s not beat ourselves up, I do like to have a piece of candy sometimes, and may be even some ice cream however there has to be limits and boundaries.

One or two pieces of candy: yes

Twelve pieces of chocolate candy: No!

A tip I can offer you is from my post Quick Tip: Prevent Overeating, if it’s very hard to break the unhealthy food habit one of the best ways to lessen your addiction is to use portion control. If you’re going to snack don’t eat from the bag or box, but use napkins, plates, and small plastic bags.

Fasting is a very, and I can’t say it enough, helpful way to break a bad habit. It sounds hard, and it is depending on how addicted you are to the food, but it will break your addiction and help you get on the right track. Just don’t cheat during your fast 🙂

Learn to take control, we cannot allow ourselves to go overboard no matter what our taste buds or stomachs tell us.

If you have any tips you want to share or anything else you’re welcome to do so!! 🙂

What Is Impossible?

A few weeks ago while I was at work a few of my co-workers were standing around and conversing about losing weight and dieting. I wasn’t fully involved in their conversation at the time but I didn’t keep myself from listening. Two of my co-workers stated that it was impossible to lose weight. I of course was eager to join their conversation at that point because of my history and the whole theme of my blog (which they know nothing about by the way). I said “it’s not impossible” and they responded back at the same time “yes it is”.

I couldn’t  wait to show them a picture of myself from 8 years ago.


This is me now 🙂


I’ve come a mighty long way, as people would say. I’ve lost weight twice; went from 310lbs. to 190lbs, gained some of that back and I’m on my way down again. Currently I’ve lost 20lbs over the past few months.

Is something impossible just because it’s hard and not easy, or because it happened to someone else but not us? If this were the case then many things would be considered “impossible” for everyone. For example we like to imagine winning the lottery some day; we daydream about the things we would do with the money like quit our jobs, buy our parents and ourselves new houses and cars, and give to others. Even when the odds are stacked against us and our chances are very slim it doesn’t stop us from dreaming or even from buying the ticket. If it were truly impossible to win the lottery then no one would win, we wouldn’t buy tickets, and we wouldn’t consider what we would do if we won. Yet we still do it any way.

One thing I wanted to mention to them that I didn’t get a chance to was to believe and be consistent. Be consistent with what you’re doing; if you’re going to work out then do it consistently throughout the week. You can’t skip days and weeks and expect to see results, honestly it won’t work that way.

I have learned throughout this entire experience to be consistent with what I do; it means if I say I will workout three days a week then that’s what I will stick with every time. I have been reminded by the Lord many times that my consistency was helping me more than I realized.

If losing weight has been tough for you or it seems impossible then let my story and other stories as well be a reminder or a testimony to you that nothing is impossible. It took a while to lose the weight and I did gain some back but it happened. God has proven through me that nothing is impossible with Him (Luke 1:37). I laugh now thinking of my co-workers’ words “losing weight is impossible” because I did the very thing they said was impossible.

Have a great day!! 🙂








Motivation – Part 2

“I still need motivation!!!”

Talk to the people around you; friends, family, or co-workers who you trust and know well. Tell them your plans if you’re comfortable. If you find yourself giving in too soon, they can be helpful to get you back on track. Who knows you may actually inspire them to start their own weight loss journey 🙂 .  Let your friends and family know you want their encouragement or ask them to say something if you get off track, even if they don’t work out with you. A lot of times others can see our problems and bad habits better than we can.

Side note – I didn’t have official accountability partners but I do know that this is an area that can be an advantage especially if you have friends and family who will tell you the truth, hold you accountable, and actually help you and not criticize you. You can let others know your plans if you want, it’s your choice but I didn’t. I did have friends who I went to the gym with during my first year starting this journey, but there was a cross road point. We began to have different schedules; they would have to work and I couldn’t wait until they were off to visit the gym since I was serious this time. That’s when I had to make a proactive decision, was I going to stop my progress so I didn’t have to work out by myself or was I going to stand up and keeping going to the gym even if it was by myself? I’m so glad and so thankful to Jesus I went to the gym by myself for the first time, because I kept going and I’m still going today, by myself.  Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, it may actually turn into an important and key change for your life.

Use the imagination God gave you and imagine yourself on purpose done with this race. Where are you, what are the goals that you’ve reached, what did you accomplish, and what did you gain? Take a positive approach on this exercise, use this as a way to get you motivated and get you excited. You’ve already completed this journey in your mind (imagination/dreams), now just let it play out (walk it out)!! The Word of God does say in Philippians 4:8  “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate (or think) on these things.” Imagine your self overcoming, imagine getting through the treadmill, imagine on purpose giving up the bad food for the good food. Thoughts are powerful and words are a force, use both to your advantage.

Lesson For The Day

In case you ever think about giving up on your plans for the day I have a recent example of why it’s best just to keep going 🙂

I’ve been committed to working out at the gym three days a week; this is something I know I can do and I know I can stick to. A few months ago I decided that in order for me not to grow tired of going to the gym all the time and using the same machines I would take a weight lifting class three times a month just on Saturdays. Well today is Saturday of course and I was planning on going to my weightlifting class. It starts at 11:30 and usually I try to be out of the bed and dressed by 11, the gym is not far from my house. This week it’s been harder to get out of bed for work and of course this carried over into my Saturday. It was so hard getting out of bed this morning that I knew I was going to be late. It was already 11:15 and I wasn’t even dressed. Thoughts like “I might as well forget it, too many people will be there and I won’t have a spot, and I hate being late” were already flying across my mind. Thank the Lord I said aloud “No I’ll go anyway, I hope I won’t be too late” so I got dressed, grabbed a breakfast bar for fuel and darted out the door. I prayed “Lord please let me get there safely and at a good time.” 🙂 Well I got there at record time, right at 11:30 considering that I left the house right at 11:21. I run in the gym, check in, grab a towel, put my bag in a locker, and walk up the stairs. I turn to look in the classroom and to my surprise class didn’t start yet and there weren’t very many people in class that day! I was so excited that God gave me favor, that I stayed committed and stuck to my decision to workout. The reason class was late was because the instructor was trying to get the microphone to work. This gave me plenty of time to get in class, find my spot, grab my weight gear, and get set up.

It pays off to stay committed to your plan and not give up. If I didn’t go to work out God would’ve still loved me and I would’ve been okay, but I’m so glad I worked out and didn’t give in to those negative thoughts.

Lesson: even when your own mind tells you to throw in the towel because of opposition or when things don’t go as planned; you can still rise and go forward and it will pay off.

Stay encouraged!

Motivation – Part I

Motivation… honestly sometimes it’s easy to find motivation to begin a weight loss and exercise regime <chuckle> but it’s not always easy and fun to stay motivated after you’ve started and you’re in the middle of it. We start out strong remembering who laughed at us and how they’ll regret it when they see us in our dream dress looking good 🙂 Or we think about how much better we’ll feel about ourselves when we can finally fit into a certain size, look in the mirror and not be ashamed, or go to the doctor and not hear the same “you need to lose weight” lecture. Whatever our “whys” for losing weight we start out strong with good intentions. We go to the gym 3 or more times a week, give up sugar and  eating out, and make other diet changes. It seems we tend to lose steam in the middle of our efforts and we lose sight of our motivation and “why’s”.

What kept me motivated was remembering on purpose why I wanted to lose weight, what was I aiming for, what did I want to achieve. This is why I mentioned Habakkuk 2:2, write down your goals and why’s so you won’t forget and you can always look back on them for motivation.

I remember when I wanted to lose weight in college and I couldn’t seem to get started I use to come across different stories online about people losing weight and I would see them at their end. I wished I could be with them, at the end of the journey not just starting, or actually haven’t started at all. These testimonies weren’t out there to discourage me or the rest of us but to motivate us, that if they could lose the weight any one could. Look at someone else for motivation, don’t look at someone else’s success as a discouragement but see it as something that’s real and possible for you too.  Use those stories that speak on giving up things for gain like fries for the salad, chips for fruit, the first parking spot for the mid or last spot. These trade offs don’t sound appealing but when you think about what you gain; confidence, a smaller dress size, or a better outlook on life, the trade-offs don’t seem so bad.

“3 P” Principle – Patience

Being patient by definition means bearing provocation, annoyance, misfortune, delay, hardship, pain, etc. with fortitude and calm and without complaint, anger, or the like.

Like Joyce Meyer said patience is not waiting but it’s how we wait. We will have to wait for many things in this life and patience is the ability to wait without pitching a fit, getting angry, and giving up.

I like to believe that patience and persistence work together and that you can’t have one without the other, or it makes it easier to have both. You have to be persistent to finish the race and you have to be patient in the midst of the race so you can complete it.

Being patient wasn’t easy at times but God gave me patience, like in the times where I grew frustrated in plateau seasons. I would lose weight so easily for weeks then hit a plateau; my body got use to the workout and what I was doing so I stopped losing weight. I stopped seeing the scale drop and clothes becoming too big for me.  That was where persistence and patience worked together with prayer of course; God kept encouraging me to keep working out even though the scale didn’t move and He encouraged me to see the plateaus in a different way. I actual became motivated, slightly 🙂 , to change up my workout. I went from elliptical only, to walking and slightly jogging on the treadmill, to actually jogging around my college campus and on the treadmill. It was amazing, and of course I started to see the progress again. I believe now that progress was being made but it took longer to actually see it; that’s why we have to be patient in our circumstances otherwise we may give up too soon.

It’s easy to give up but patience is for the mind and the motivational aspect of lifestyle changes.  When it doesn’t look like anything is changing you have to hang in there and trust that things will look up for the better.

The Lord often brought to my attention that this generation is a “microwave generation”; we want everything and we want it now. It reminds me of my previous story in “Prayer” :). People don’t want to wait for anything, we want it now and don’t want to put in the work and time to get it.  Weight loss, well in my case, was a “crock pot process”. Things took longer than if I went on a crash diet, had weight loss surgery, and etc… but lifestyle changes are more of a crock pot process. It takes longer and even when you’re hungry right now, you still have to wait until the food is done, otherwise it won’t taste right.

If you know you can’t be patient on your own, which I believe we all need help in this area, use the first “P”. Ask God to help you be patient or to have patience while working on yourself. He will answer. Keep waiting patiently for everything to work out for the better. Frustration can make us see everything as pointless and make us want to give up, but why risk losing the progress that has been made? Look at where you’re headed and how far you’ve come; don’t view this journey as a never ending process because it’s not and that only makes this process more discouraging.

Remember: You may be “hungry” right now but it will always taste better when it’s done, no matter how long it takes

“3 P” Principle – Persistence

Persistent means to continue steadfastly in some purpose, in spite of opposition, to last, endure, and to continue. I see persistence as pushing past your limits. Persistence is typically not for the start of the race, it’s for the middle.  When you’re tired of changing your eating habits and hitting the gym all the time, persistence will be key to keep going.  We will ALL need persistence to break through and complete this race of life and  reach the weight loss goal that we established at the beginning.

We have to push past the things that try to discourage us. I know many of us have been discouraged by the scale, by the tight fitting clothes, and by the mirror but we have to continue and never give up. When we press past discouragement break through happens. Press past the first few months, don’t let anyone including yourself discourage you that you cannot complete this race. Keep going to the gym, eating healthy, and keep going 🙂 This will pay off I promise you. I can tell you that the Lord has encouraged me and pushed me many times telling me “This is helping you more than you know; you can do this.” I say from experience don’t give up, don’t end the story before it begins. If you start a book and stop reading, how will you ever know for yourself how the story ends? So you have to keep “reading” no matter how hard and difficult it is.

This is not an overnight process so you have to be and stay determined. Be determined not to go back to old habits; once an old habit is broken don’t make it harder on yourself and run back to it. Determination helps to get past the initial “I want to lose weight” goal and getting into the uncharted territory of “I’ve started and I’ve had some success, now what?’” part of the process.

This may not be the overnight process to achieve our goals but the gratification of waking up the next morning feeling accomplished is well worth it 🙂

Remember: you can do this!!

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