Here are some weight loss tips  the Lord gave to me and inspired me to also share; I hope these help you and I will add more as I can.

Stick to your journey, you’re much farther than when you started!!!

  1. Find out why it’s important to you to lose weight
  2. Understand that this is a lifestyle change, and most often not an overnight process
  3. Remember your goals, remember your “whys”
  4. It’s always easier to get back up if you don’t stay down for long
  5. You’re not alone, you have a coach whether you recognize it or not
  6. The best time to start is when you have stopped trying in your own efforts and let Him guide you to what you should do
  7. There’s not always some epiphany but there are many suggestions (be very open to them)
  8. Don’t doubt the power that works in you, you can do it and you can make it!!

Remember not to let what the scale says get you down.  Our weight always fluctuates within the day every day, the best way to be sure of weight loss or gain is to identify how your clothes are fitting. You can also take before and after pictures and compare your progress.