This is my  Food Diary Template; at the beginning of my weight loss I did keep a diary for 6 months consistently and a few months sporadically. I can honestly say that during that time my diary did help me. I remember the first day I started it; it was the same day of my “Long Story Short” page. The first day I started exercising was the first day I kept a food diary; I didn’t plan on starting a food diary but it was something the Lord put on my heart to do. On my first entry I wrote at the end of the day so I didn’t have the mind set of not eating something to keep from writing it down. It’s amazing to see how far you have come with your eating habits; which is another reason to keep a food diary just like a regular diary or journal.  It’s a good way to see how you were eating or exercising during a point of your life.

See my first entry for example.

You can use my template if you like to start your own food diary or journal. You can add the exercise you do, the time you eat or exercise,  or whatever else you would like to add.

I tried to keep a food diary in high school after watching an Oprah episode during the summer. I remember one of her guests mentioned to keep a food diary to be aware of how much you eat. I tried and failed to keep up with it, pretty much my diary was only two days long.  As of now I know longer keep one but sometimes it feels like I keep a running tab on my eating habits in my mind which can be a good and bad thing 🙂

If you decide to use a food diary or journal one thing to take away from it is that if you don’t want to write it down then don’t eat it. You can also imagine that if you were to eat half of what you normally eat how many calories are you saving. That will keep you from getting completely bored with writing everything down.